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Improve Your Home With Custom Residential Glass in Antioch & Concord

Improve Your Home With Custom Residential Glass in Concord

Are you looking for a way to beautify your Concord & Antioch home and make it larger, but don’t have the budget for an expansion or addition? Custom mirrors and other residential glass can transform any living space into a room that looks larger than it really is. At Concord & Antioch Glass, Inc., we have a few tips and tricks to achieve that look.

  1. Place a mirror on the wall across from a chandelier. Doing this will illuminate the space even more with the reflection of the original light.
  2. Include the mirror in a more artistic display. Add other picture frames around it or put it over a table so it’s not just on the wall by itself, looking out of place.
  3. Consider a custom shape. You don’t have to do standard when you have custom glass cut. Instead, choose a round or oval mirror to add a fun element to your design.

Mirrors, Table Tops, Doors & More

Our custom glass options in Antioch & Concord don’t stop with mirrors. Our other options include:

  • Glass Shelves – These are great for displaying items of importance. They allow you to see the precious items from all sides.
  • Table Tops – A glass table top is elegant. Whether for a coffee table or a dining table, it could really make the room beautiful.
  • Wardrobe Doors – Whether you put inserts in an existing door or create the full doors from glass, this could give any bedroom extra ambience.

Contact the Professionals in Antioch and Concord

To learn more about the glass services we have for your home project, contact Concord & Antioch Glass, Inc. today. Let us show you how easy it is to receive a custom table top, new door or window replacement. Contact the professionals today in Antioch at 925-777-9191 or Concord at 925-691-5090.