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Make Your Busy Home Easier To Maintain With Glass Additions

A Father Cleaning the House
As the head of the family, you may have a lot of work to do inside the home. Living in a home with two adults, several children, and a few pets means that plenty of messes will be made.
If you want to reduce the total upkeep, you should find ways to make things easier to clean. While you could hire house cleaners, this would require routine spending. Also, you could buy a robot vacuum, but this only takes over a small portion of your cleaning responsibilities. You should consider glass additions as a method to minimize maintenance around the house.
Front Entryway
An excellent example is the front entryway. If you have a solid shoe rack made of wood, you may find that the wood surface gets dirty easily and ends up with water stains from rainy days. While a metal shoe rack can help, the dirt and water will then reach the flooring beneath. An ideal solution is to invest in glass shelves for the shoe rack and avoid these cleaning complications.
If you can replace the shelves on your current shoe rack, you will have minimal work to do. An alternative is to build your own wood shoe rack and then put in glass shelves instead. You will need to shop for glass shelf brackets to make sure each glass piece is fully secure.
The kitchen is often the hardest room to keep clean because you use it all the time. When you are using the stovetop, you may find it easy for liquids to splash around the area. This can lead to the back wall, countertop, and nearby appliances getting dirty and possibly staining.
If you do not have a backsplash, you should consider adding a glass sheet as one. You can paint the back wall in a unique color, and then put clear glass on it to enhance the kitchen's look. But the primary benefit is that you will have an easier time cleaning the whole back wall.
Whether you are boiling water, rinsing vegetables, or using the countertop, any spill or splash that happens to touch the backsplash will not be difficult to clean. All you need to do is take a sponge, paper towel, or hand towel and wipe away the spill. You also do not have to worry about potential staining because glass is not porous - it will not absorb any liquids.
Another benefit of sheet glass over a different option, like a glass tile backsplash, is that you will not have seams that pick up extra dirt and grime. These little grooves take more effort to clean and would require you to clean each individual tile as opposed to just using a sweeping motion.
Living Room
Because your whole family spends time in the living room, you should also focus on it to minimize upkeep. The television stand, coffee table, and side tables are the best things to work on. If they are made of wood, then you can add glass tops to them to prevent all sorts of problems.
Not only will cleaning become easier, but you can avoid serious wood damage. White rings can develop on wood when water touches the surface and is allowed to sit for a long time. When the rings become a dark stain, you no longer have a simple option for removing the stain. So you should measure all these furniture pieces and get custom glass pieces that fit on top perfectly.
If you have any questions about glass or want to start putting in custom glass orders, contact us at Concord & Antioch Glass, Inc. today.