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How to Effectively Use Glass in a Home Office

Glass Office Door
The properties of glass make it a useful addition to a home office. Glass is strong, durable, transparent or opaque, and easy to clean and maintain. One of the properties of glass that make it so desirable is that it naturally transmits, reflects, and refracts light.
Here are some ways that you can incorporate glass into a home office.
Glass Desk
A glass desk or glass-topped desk is an ideal work surface. Commercially available desks are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic laminate.
For a stronger and more durable desk than the commercially available models, you can top it with a sheet of heavy-gauge glass. You can attach this glass top by drilling it and securing it to the desk with stainless steel bolts and nuts on the edges and corners.
The glass surface is impervious to stains and is pressure and breakage resistant. To clean this glass, wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with water and without soap or cleaning fluid. Once dry, polish the glass surface with another soft cloth to remove water spots.
Glass Office Door
You can improve the available light and space within a small home office with a glass door. A glass door can give the illusion of more space as it makes the room appear larger, more comfortable, and more natural.
In addition to a standard door on hinges, today's office doors are available in several styles.
Glass Pocket Doors
Pocket doors are often used for a home office because they are compact. One advantage of a pocket door is that it is completely out of view when open.
Glass Barn Doors
Barn doors are hung with metal hangers connected to wheels that roll along a steel rail mounted above the door opening. This barn door mechanism allows you to slide the door along a wall without opening it into the office or adjacent room or hallway.
Glass French Doors
Glass French doors are built with small glass panes separated by wood frames. Because most of a French door is made of glass, the door allows a maximum amount of ambient light to enter.
Glass Room Dividers
To enlarge the look and feel of your home office, use glass room dividers to separate it from other rooms. Glass room dividers can be made of sheet glass or glass blocks.
Sheet Glass Room Dividers
Sheet glass room dividers function much the same as glass shower or tub enclosures. These room dividers are bolted to load-bearing walls or hung from the ceiling. For interest and design, glass room dividers can be color tinted or etched with designs and patterns.
Glass Block Wall
A glass block wall is made of stacked glass blocks that allow a maximum amount of exterior light to enter. These blocks can be installed from the floor to the ceiling or mounted on the top of a low interior wall.
Glass Cabinets and Cupboards
For an elegant look, you can store your office files, supplies, and materials in cabinets and cupboards with glass doors. Glass cabinets and cupboards can have clear, frosted, or patterned doors to offer a variety of privacy options.
If you have products and work samples in your home office that you would like to showcase, you can display them behind clear glass doors. If you have mainly files and paperwork in your home office, you can use heavily patterned or frosted glass doors to keep them out of view.
When glass elements are used in a home office, they can lighten and brighten the room. To discover how glass can improve your home office, contact Concord & Antioch Glass, Inc. We have the experience and expertise to design and install custom glass elements that can make your home office a joy to work in every day.